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Special test systems
Power electronics
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Product Development

By exploiting our considerable experience in several fields, Alphamax Partners has been able to develop products with unique advantages, both to the end user and from an economic perspective.

Examples of products developed over the years include:

  • HVAC grid sensing devices
  • Electronic HID lamp ballasts
  • Torque wrenches
  • Weighing scales
  • Equipment used by medical device manufacturers
  • Wireless sensor devices
  • Energy monitoring equipment
  • Switch-mode power supplies (3v to 1000V)

General Consulting

Alphamax Partners is frequently asked to assist in various aspects of our clients' businesses.
These include:

  • Trouble-shooting field issues
  • Advice to in-house product development teams
  • Project plan preparation
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Overall project management

Test System Development

In conjunction with partner companies, Alphamax Partners develops specialised equipment for production testing and other areas.

For this, Alphamax Partners provides expertise in sensor development, signal processing, and Labview code development.

Test systems, which Alphamax Partners has developed, or in which it has had a significant involvement, include production test equipment for photocell manufacture, lighting ballast manufacture, medical equipment PCB level test, as well as various field aids used by installers and test engineers.